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4 Piece Sleeping bag System US Military Surplus

4 Piece Sleeping bag System US Military Surplus

4 Piece Sleeping bag System US Military Surplus

One thing you’ll want to note is that all military gear is tested. Therefore the ratings and specifications are always candid and accurate. Unlike most other sleeping bags on the market that provide wildly. Optimistic temperature ratings, if the army labs in natick, massachusetts say a product does something, you know it does. Military issue, goretex, 4 piece, modular, sleeping system. A green patrol bag, rated to 30 degrees f. A black intermediate bag, rated to -10 degrees f. It is black, nylon coated, water resistant, cylinder shape. The modular sleep system is made up of 4 components. The outermost layer consists of a 100% waterproof goretex bivy sack. For those not familiar with a bivy sack, it’s essentially an outer shell.

That acts as the most basic of shelters? Exposure to the elements such as rain, wind, and snow. Layers consist of the patrol sleeping bag (rated to 30 f) and the.

Intermediate cold weather sleeping bag (rated to -10 f). Each layer is designed to be used independently of one another or. Combined as needed depending on the climate. Combine all three of these layers together, you have a sleep system. Putting the sleep system together is a fairly simple task. Sleeping in warmer climates (> 30 f) then just combine the bivy sac. For temperatures ranging in -10 f to 30 f just the. Intermediate cold weather bag in combination with the bivy would be. And finally if you’re looking to sleep out in -30 f to -10 f then.

You’ll need to combine all the bags together. To assemble, each bag is fitted with a number of snaps that allow be used with or independent of one another.

This “mating of the bags”. So to speak ensures that, when combined, they act as one unit. Advantage of this is that you won’t get tangled in multiple layers of. Very problematic if you’re needing to egress. The bag in a hurry.

These sleeping bags are designed for and used by the u. Patrol bag is rated for +50f to +30f. The intermediate bag is rated for. +30f to -10f when all three bags are combined they have a temperature. You requested it and here it is: total with all 4 components 8lbs.

Intermediate cold weather bag 4 lbs.

The item “4 Piece Sleeping bag System US Military Surplus” is in sale since Saturday, March 15, 2014. This item is in the category “Sporting Goods\Outdoor Sports\Camping & Hiking\Sleeping Gear\Sleeping Bags”. The seller is “coolprices-hotdeals” and is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. This item can only be shipped TT.

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